____________________________________________ Always Lovely — i'm literally a nobody.

i’m literally a nobody.

i live in Nobodyville New Jersey. I go to a nobody high school. i bet none of you even know my last name.

so why do people get so offended if i say that i don’t like the way their body looks? you don’t know me. my personal judgement is strictly off looks and my own opinions. and i don’t know you, so my opinion isn’t a personal attack on you. 

so why do you care if i prefer a curved body over a skinny body? even if i say it looks unhealthy, it’s nothing against you. you tell me to grow up, but i think you’re the one who needs to grow up a little yourself and not be bothered by every comment somebody makes about you.

because after all, i am a nobody to you.

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  • Posted: 30 August 2012